Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a chemical compound extracted from the cannabis plant.  Pure CBD is natural, non-habit forming, and nonpsychedelic.  Unlike THC, CBD does NOT get you high, but is usually associated with feelings of relaxation and calm.  CBD products typically have a THC concentration of less than .03% but be sure to read the product label for a more detailed description.

CBD interacts with our body’s endocannabinoid system.  The Endocannabinoid System, or ESC, is a biological system responsible for the release of endocannabinoids, a type of neurotransmitter.  Endocannabinoids bind to cannabinoid receptors and proteins in our central and peripheral nervous system.

The CBD lifestyle gives people the independence to treat themselves with a natural, non-habit forming, homeostatic remedy.  CBD could lessen the costly need for potentially harmful prescription drugs.  Recently, CBD has become the forefront of scientific research resulting in experts all over the world uncovering the benefits CBD oil has on the body’s physiological system.  Although this is a relatively new area of study, there have been no serious side effects recorded with excessive CBD oil use.  It is not possible to overdose or become addicted to CBD oil. In other words, the CBD lifestyle is safer than most alternatives.

CBD and your Lifestyle

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The Weekend Warrior

No matter what your week-day routine is, its nowhere near as intense as what you do after 5pm Friday. Maybe you pass the time with athletic pursuits or you prefer to dance the night away! Or maybe you spend you time to home improvements or strenuous volunteer work.

No matter what your weekend regiment is, CBD can help you keep your pain at bay.

CBD is natural pain reliever and works incredibly well against the Delayed onset of muscle soreness typically found after strenuous activity.

CBD contains anti-inflammatory properties that help those recover faster after workouts or strenuous activities. In fact, more and more Physical Therapy clinics are incorporating CBD massages after their patients programs to help combat this type of muscle degradation and fatigue.

According to a 2018 review of 132 original studies published in Frontiers in Neurology, CBD can indeed reduce inflammation in the body and help improve pain and mobility in patients with multiple sclerosis. “It is anti-inflammatory, antioxidative, antiemetic, antipsychotic, and neuroprotective,” the review study’s authors wrote.

The Introverted Extrovert

In the right setting, you genuinely enjoy the company of others and ongoing banter of those you are comfortable with. You become quite sociable.

But, in some situations, like an out-of-town event, or a crowded bar, or a work event with high profile potential clients, you can start to feel overwhelmed and quite uncomfortable.

People in this category often describe themselves as; “I’m sociable, but I have social anxiety.”

A daily anti-stress routine that includes CBD oil tincture can help you with those situations. If you squeeze a serving under your tongue and let it absorb before swallowing, the CBD should reach your bloodstream in about 30 minutes – much faster than digestive absorption alone.

Gift of Life CBD Oral Products

In a more recent 2020 study, researchers evaluated CBD’s effects in 397 adults living in New Zealand. The study participants received medical CBD prescriptions for a variety of ailments, including non-cancer pain, cancer-related symptoms, neurological symptoms, and mental health symptoms.

All groups reported improvements in their overall quality of life after 3 weeks of CBD treatment. The individuals who received CBD treatment for anxiety or depression reportedly experienced improvements in their ability to perform daily functions and reduce pain and anxiety or depression symptoms.

CBD use for the working parent

The Career Driven Parent

Raising Kids is a lifelong job that requires unparalleled commitment and patience. But money doesn’t grow on trees. You work 40+ hours a week to make sure your family is well provided for. Parents juggling full time jobs on top of house requirements are super heroes.

But, lets face we all hit our endurance limit eventually. We can only run on all cylinders for so long until we get burnt out. When everyone’s depending on you, its important you stay on the top of your game.

As busy as you are, its only healthy to designate a small chunk of time for yourself and some R&R. CBD drops and bathe bombs can help you make the most of your vital “me” time. CBD allows you to quite the noise your head and truly be in the moment during your “me time.”

The Workaholic

You don’t work to live, you live to work. Crossing things off the “to-do” list is the ultimate form of satisfaction. Stress is your friend and ultimate motivator. But stress can easily turn into a more destructive mental state; anxiety. But you are a machine. To stay at the top of your game is of utmost importance. But, to stay at your top performance requires sleep, and how can you sleep with so much that needs to get done!?

Melatonin, often referred to as the sleep hormone, is a central part of the body’s sleep-wake cycle. Its production increases with evening darkness, promoting healthy sleep and helping to orient our circadian rhythm.

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The body naturally produces melatonin, but researchers and the public have increasingly taken an interest in external sources of it, such as liquids or capsules, as a way to address sleep difficulties. CBD oils with Melatonin and calming botanicals for better, faster sleep, giving you the restful sleep you need in order to attack the day’s tasks in the morning.

gift of life pure cbd for pets

The Animal Lover

Our beloved animals share a special bond. You worry about them while you’re not home, you care for their health and well being, and in return they give you unconditional love and support without even saying a word. Pets are awesome.

When you leave. your pet may feel an increased amount of anxiety, and eagerly await till you come back.

To help alleviate this pain of separation, may animal lovers are turning to CBD to help calm their furry friends. This begs the question, “Is CBD beneficial to my pet?” Recent studies have shown that CBD may have a variety of positive effects on animals, including managing pain, controlling seizures, managing anxiety, and reducing inflammation.

The research surrounding CBD is ongoing, but early trails are showing encouraging results. As the legalization and adoption of CBD related products become more available, we are likely to see more supporting content to the benefits surrounding CBD. In other words, the CBD Lifestyle craze is only getting started. Time to buckle up and take advantage of this non-addictive, holistic remedy!

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