What is CBD?

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CBD is short for cannabidiol and is an oil derived from hemp or marijuana. But unlike the chemical compound THC found more heavily in marijuana, CBD doesn’t get you “high”.

Hemp and Marijuana are both cannabis plants but their different strains yield vastly different cannabinoid profiles. CBD oil isn’t psychoactive like THC, and though it may ease anxiety and depression, it won’t cause feelings of euphoria like THC will.

CBD in the medical field

CBD oil isn’t yet fully approved of by the medical profession, though with recent acknowledgments and research the FDA approved of CBD-based oral medication Epidiolex for Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome.

There’s a plethora of anecdotal evidence underlying the benefits of CBD, especially pain, but medical professionals are having a hard time proving the exact mechanisms for how CBD could be helping. There are countless studies that show promising conclusions towards the benefits of CBD usage, but it is technically still under review in the medical community.

Ways to take CBD oil

There’s plenty of creative ways to inhale and ingest CBD oil and more and more people are now applying it topically to their skin for pain.

Topically, it works by reducing pain and inflammation where it’s applied. In regards to pain relief, CBD users often find this is the most effective method.

Vaporizing and inhaling CBD oil or it eating it in a delicious modified Rice Krispy recipe all work relatively the same. What really changes is the speed of action and duration of the effects through these different methods of consumption. A puff from the vape pen will work almost immediately and last around a couple of hours, whereas the effects of a CBD edible can last up to five hours.

CBD viewed by the world.

CBD is legal in the US and farming hemp is legal thanks to a new Farm Bill signed by President Trump. Crossing borders with it can cause issues though as the rest of the world doesn’t have the distinctions in place legislatively speaking.

Only lately have scientists recently discovered that CBD in marijuana is responsible for its pain-relieving effects, but humans have been recorded using marijuana for pain up to five centuries ago.

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