The Results Are In!

Here at Gift Of Life CBD, our mission is to create the best CBD products possible for those who want a more natural way of improving the quality of their lives, and thus provide the highest quality and all natural CBD products possible for you and your pets.

Our team wants you to see firsthand that our CBD is exactly what we say it is.  The lab results speak for themselves.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

About Gift of Life

Don Ruiz, the founder of Gift of Life CBD, was asked by his elderly mother a few years back what he knew about CBD. She was asking because she was seeking relief from her pain and ailments. Roughly 20 plus years ago she had a bad accident and fell off a 30 – 40 feet high cliff into the Snake River while visiting Idaho. She had to be airlifted out and spent many weeks recuperating in a hospital from multiple broken bones and infections. As it so happened, Don knew lots about CBD because he had been doing his own research into making the highest quality CBD possible available to people who wanted a more natural way to improve the quality of their lives. Within a few weeks of starting his mother on CBD, she reported she was experiencing very real results. Her friends noticed a change and were saying she just looked better – happier and more active. This is our “Why” for what we do here at Gift of Life CBD and we hope you will experience the same relief and improvement in your own lives.