Cannabidiol, or CBD, oil comes in a wide array of products that makes choosing the right product frustrating for CBD newbies.

This compound is used as an ingredient in various products and is thought to have an array of potential health benefits. The range of available CBD products include:

  • Tinctures
  • Capsules
  • Topicals
  • Vapes
  • Edibles

Its important to consider the pros and cons associated with each CBD product to distinguish which solution will satisfy your needs.  Choosing a CBD product isn’t as simple as picking something that looks good, or is cheap – it’s important to consider other factors like flavor, absorption rate, quality, were the products third -party tested, and your personal lifestyle.  The majority of CBD related products can be separated into two distinct groups: Topical and Oral. By understanding the difference between these two applications, and the potential advantages of each, you can better understand which CBD product is best for you!

Gift of Life CBD Oral Products

Oral CBD

There are two primary methods of consuming CBD orally: Sublingually (“Under the Tongue”) and Ingestion

Sublingual treatments are probably the most preferred method of CBD application. CBD drops are placed underneath the tongue and help there for 30 to 60 seconds before swallowing. The CBD get absorbed through the blood vessels under the tongue and enters directly into the bloodstream. This is considered the most efficient method of CBD delivery. For this reason, CBD tinctures are one of the most popular products on the market. The effects are fast acting, and efficient.

Ingestion related CBD products include CBD pills, Soft Gels, Gummies, and other edible products. The CBD molecules need to first travel through the digestive system, where it will broken down by the liver. During this process, you lose a lot of the CBD compound before it makes it to your bloodstream. However, research suggested that the effects of ingestion last longer than any other application method.

CBD Topicals

CBD topicals include Creams, Lotions, and Balms. These CBD types are used to help soothe physical discomfort, targeting the remedy directly at the affected area. The CBD is absorbed directly through the skin where cannabinoid receptors are found. Because of this, the effects are immediate and more centralized than other forms of applications.

For muscle or joint pain and inflammation, topical CBD (like CBD creams) may be particular useful.  Research into CBD pain relieving abilities is still in it’s early stages, but early trials has shown alleviation in arthritis related pain, and chronic nerve pain and jaw pain!

Gift of Life CBD Topical Products

CBD Topical vs. Oral – Which is Better?

The better question is:  “Which one better suite your needs?”

Topical application allows the cannabidiol compounds to attach to the skin’s cannabinoid receptors where the topical cream is applied. It works best if you have a targeted area where you need CBD the most. With CBD topicals, the cannabinoid compounds never get absorbed into the bloodstream; however, the effects of topical CBD are more concentrated because it isn’t spread thin throughout the entire body. It’s a suitable choice for people trying to relieve minor discomfort in joints and muscles or revitalize skin in distressed areas.

In general, we recommend using a sublingual method of CBD Delivery. Sublingual application offers a faster treatment method. The effects are more immediate, and you do not lose any of the application through natural physiological processes.

Other factors to consider before purchasing your CBD product may include:


  • Different CBD products contain different levels of potency.  Its important to find the right level of CBD for your own needs, which may take some trail and error. Each person reacts differently and there isn’t a standard standard concentration that is recommended. It is important to note that you cannot overdose on CBD, but it is advisable to start with less potent product, or smaller amounts, until you understand the effects CBD has on your body.

Rate of Absorption / Onset Time

  • The rate of absorption is a term used to describe the rate at which your body absorbs CBD and how quickly it will take into affect. Some CBD products take longer to absorb than others. CDB Tinctures, for example, or the most immediate method of CBD consumption.


  • Cannabidiol is a natural compound that is derived from the hemp plant, and as a result, has an earthy taste. Some individuals love this fresh earthy taste, others, however, may not agree with the flavor.  If you have a varied pallet, you may enjoy a natural unflavored tincture. Alternatively, if you have a limited pallet, you may benefit from a flavored tincture or a tasteless capsule.


  • CBD prices vary depending on the type of product.  As a general rule of thumb, CBD tinctures are more expensive as they contain a greater concentration of CBD, while balms, creams, and lotions are often cheaper because CBD is just one component of the product.

Your Lifestyle

  • Finally, you must look at your lifestyle and how you intend to incorporate CBD into it. If you travel regularly, for example, capsules could be a better choice to avoid spillages. Alternatively, if you simply want to take CBD before bed or in the morning whilst at home, tinctures may be more suitable.

If you’re interested in Sublingual CBD related products, shop with Gift of Life today!